Rules for RP

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Rules for RP

Post by Alyssa on Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:53 am

In order for a role play to work you must have a sign-up thread and a RP thread.

A sign up thread must consist of a detailed plot which is clear and easy to understand.

A skeleton should gather information about other character's here is a template {your sign-up doesn't have to be like this) this template is a guide.

There are two types of RP group (which will require a sign-up sheet) and a one on one (only two people) which doesn't require a sign-up

bio: (optional)

Before anyone asks you can have Charmed and non-charmed RP's here.

A few rules when role-playing:

No god-modding (making your character invisible everyone has a weakness)
No power-playing
Respect everyone
Make the RP realistic
Also no 'main character synopsis' you can if you want to have a main character synopsis, but i don't think anyone wants a RP where they are a supporting character.

Also post relevant RP's in the relevant sub-categories:

Fantasy- (Anything to do with mythical creatures vampires/wolves/faeries belong here)
school life - (Any high school RP belongs here)
Mature-(Anything for mature audiences i.e. swearing and sexual references belong here)
Anime/Manga RP- (Anything to do with anime/manga belongs here)
Slave RP- (Anything to do with slave and master relationship's belong here)

what if you have more than one category?

I.e. one main genre and the other is support, then you post your thread in the main sub

i.e. fantasy and mature? If your plotline is mostly about vampires then it should be in the fantasy section just indicate it will be mature. by [M] or [Mature]

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